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Our aim is to offer customers a variety of the latest trending and on-demand products in 3D Printing. This said high quality and value for money remains a top priority. 3D Printers Online invests a great deal of time to source the “best of the best” whilst offering these at competitive prices. We take great pride in our customer support/after sales service and strive to remain relevant in everything we do. Please contact our friendly team should have questions about our products and services we provide.

3DPO is the exclusive Australian / New Zealand Phrozen Distributor.

we have the best Phrozen Printer Prices in the world!

We stock the full range of Phrozen products and are the sole distributor of Phrozen for Australia & new Zealand. We provide top level support with all Phrozen Printers we sell. We are always available to answer any questions

Phrozen Transform

largest build volume among consumer-grade SLA printers.

Phrozen Lite

Innovative yet affordable, the ideal LCD Printer for beginners

Phrozen Sonic

Super Fast and easy to use & a 5″ High resolution touch panel.

Phrozen Shuffle (GEN2)

Tthe upgraded printer of the classic Phrozen Shuffle!

3DPO is a Autharised Australian / New Zealand Flashforge distributor.

We offer full after sales support

We stock the full range of Flashforge products and are an authorised distributor for Flashforge Australia & new Zealand. We provide top level support with all Flashforge Printers we sell. We are always available to answer any questions.

Flashforge Creator 3

The Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) 3D Printer.

FlashForge Adventurer 3

Cloud Print, Wifi Camera, Auto Filament Feed + MORE!!

Flashforge Inventor IIS

Smart, Reliable And Safe Desktop 3D Printer, Operation Is Easy.

Flashforge Guider IIs

The latest flagship large format 3D printer from Flashforge.

We stock all the best 3D Printing brands

and offer full local Australian support

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