2020 Phrozen Shuffle XL

  • 8.9-Inch 2K LCD Screen 
  • High resolution without sacrificing print area
  • High XY Resolution at 75 µm
  • Suitable for modelling, dental applications, jewellery, jigs, and product prototype

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Phrozen Shuffle XL LCD Resin 3D Printer

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Born in early 2018, the Phrozen Shuffle XL is the next generation in premium “prosumer” 3D printers. Following the successes of the original Make model the Shuffle was intended to be improved in many ways and to break new ground. We believe it has lived up to this standard.  We are now excited to bring to you the much-anticipated big brother the Shuffle “XL”. 
The Shuffle XL is one of few large format LCD 3D printers in the market today that can produce high quality prints. This is due to stability and reliability of the design. At first glance the Shuffle XL may seem a relatively simple design – Just a larger version of the standard Shuffle. You would think so, but you would be wrong. Phrozen have poured their heart and soul into the XL and not without its pitfalls! Countless hours have been spent on R&D.

The Phrozen Shuffle XL is the next generation prosumer resin 3D printer. This machine has adopted the good things from the earlier models Phrozen Make & Make XL. On top of that Phrozen added their latest developments in 3D Printing technology. The Shuffle XL fuses all Phrozen’s knowledge & expertise into one more stable, mature and accurate 3D printing machine!

Unlike the sleek compact design of the Phrozen Make XL the Phrozen Shuffle XL has a relatively simple but functional design. Phrozen deliberately designed it with less customized components, no fancy flip cover, also the case is slightly bigger in size. This way they managed to get the price lower while making the machine more accessible for repairs, maintenance and mods. Phrozen focussed on functionality for the XL design and implemented the best Z-stage in its class with its propriety ParaLED Optical engine. Resulting in the best large format 3D printer in its class.

Phrozen Self-Developed ParaLED Optical Engine:

In optical systems for resin 3D printer, light intensity, wavelength, and optical path highly influences printing quality and efficiency. Conventional LCD 3D printer tends to use thumb-size COB LED with Fresnel film. This leads to a bad light uniformity where the light intensity is less in the edge areas. Their major target is to reduce the cost.
Phrozen’s ParaLED Optical Engine uses LED array matrix with the size same as LCD panel. Moreover, we narrow down the LED emission angle to make it as parallel as possible. That way, we can increase the efficiency that light pass through LCD and, therefore, improve printing speed and quality.
Phrozen Shuffle is the only entry level 3D Printer with a ParaLED array.

Twin Linear Rail, Ball Screw / Ball Bearing for Ultra-Stable Z-axis:

Z axis wobbling is a big problem for most entry level resin 3D Printers. You will see Z-axis of many 3D printers are not fixed on top (or just simply put a cap on it).  Overall Z-axis design is based on simple optical axis and rail shaft. These will cause severe wobbling during 3D printing process, especially for large & high models. That’s why Phrozen team uses Twin Linear Rail, Ball Screw, and Ball Bearing with Aluminum-CNC part to on Phrozen Shuffle’s Z-axis. That can assure linearity and minimize impact of loaded force during the printing process. This concept has been widely verified in their previous model Phrozen Make XL, 8.9 inch LCD 3D Printer.

Phrozen Shuffle XL:

8.9-Inch 2K LCD Screen 
High resolution without sacrificing print area
High XY Resolution at 75 µm
Suitable for modelling, dental applications, jewellery, jigs, and product prototype
ParaLED Matrix Optical Engine (90% Optical uniformity). Improvement on conventional COB LED
150W 405 nm UV-LED – Compatible with most of commercially available resins
USB + Touch Screen Control – No need to be connected to a PC
Twin Linear Rail with Ball Screw & Ball Bearing – Highly stable Z-axis, ZERO wobbling during printing.

Technical Specifications:

Printer Size: 39 * 29 * 47 cm
Printer Weight: 16 Kg
Printing Volume: 19 * 12 * 20 cm
XY Resolution: 75 µm
Z Resolution: 10 µm
Printing Speed: 30 mm per hour
Recommended Layer Height: 10 – 100 µm


Shuffle XL
Resin wiper
 Note: Resin not included


A 12-month warranty is included on the machine. 
3-months on LCD screen
Note: LED Array Matrix on XL not covered under warranty.
Support by Phrozen, Facebook ForumOn-line Customer Service

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Phrozen Make was created in 2016 and officially launched in 2017 on the World’s Largest Crowdfunding Platform KickStarter. Phrozen Make was positioned in the international market as professional LCD-SLA 3D Printer. The Shuffle and Shuffle XL are the new and improved 2018 models.

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