3D Printers Online: In the Media


3DPO Feature on Zip Business LinkedIn

Read Founder & CEO, Shaun Towell‘s story and how he grew 3D Printers Online with the help of . Our team has grown,  we’ve expanded the product range available and we have even bigger plans for the future! Read the full article here

3DPO on Maker Muse YouTube

We teamed up with Maker Muse to help him rediscover the joys of resin 3D printing! Phrozen’s latest MSLA Resin 3D Printer comes with an 8K resolution mono LCD panel and can print up to 400mm high! But, should you choose this beast over several smaller printers instead?

3DPO on the Today Show

Today’s tech expert Trevor explains the revolution in 3D manufacturing. 3D Printers Online collaboration with today team to provide and set up display onset to compliment the segment. Showing them how to use it and guide them through the whole segment behind the scenes.


3DPO in the Hills to Hawkesbury

3D Printers Online was featured in the Hills To Hawksburry Publlication, the article outlines 3D Printers Online commitment to the 3D Printing space and our road to growth and furture plans of the business.