/ / / / Bondtech DDX PH4 300°C Thermistor 24v 50W Heater for Creality CR-10(S)Pro/Max

Bondtech DDX PH4 300°C Thermistor 24v 50W Heater for Creality CR-10(S)Pro/Max

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  • Thermistor capable of reading from room temperature up to 300°C
  • 24v 50W Heater for faster nozzle heating-up.
  • 120 cm long lead with 3 mm diameter thermistor cartridge.
  • 120 cm long lead with 5.95mm diameter heater cartridge.
  • Compatible connectors for easy install and service.

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Using this product requires updating the firmware.
Check for firmware files compatible with your unit at the bottom of the
Phase 4 Category page

Marlin 2.0 Customization

If you have the technical knowledge and want to customize Marlin 2.0 to flash your printer with, use the following values to define the temperature sensor:

  • For Slice’s 300°C thermistor : #define TEMP_SENSOR_0 5
  • For Slice’s 450°C thermistor : #define TEMP_SENSOR_0 67

Recommended component to use with Bondtech DDX for Creality.

Use this component to use PHase 4 of the DDX Direct Drive eXtruder on the following Creality units:

  • CR-10S Pro
  • CR-10S Pro v2
  • CR-10 Max
  • Ender-3 Pro

EAN: 7350011411702

Take good care of your cables

These are highly sensitive components whose quality is focused on the temperature reading or raising performance, not on the mechanical resistance.
Always provide the cables proper strain relief and cable management to minor the damage due to the constant motion.

Product includes:

  • 1x 120 cm long lead 300°C thermistor from Slice Engineering.
  • 1x 120 cm long lead 24v 50W Heater from Slice Engineering.
  • 4x Black nylon zip-ties

This product is based on Slice Engineering’s 300°C Thermistor and 24v 50W heater with bare leads.
CR-10(S)Pro and CR-10 Max compatible connectors were added to the product by Bondtech.

Thermistor and Heater by:


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