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Can You Really 3D Print Food?

the future of the food industry

3D printers are considered by many as one of the best creations of science and technology. Aside from the fast-rising tablets and mobile phones, 3D printers also have the “it” factor in gaining respect and praise from the public. Recently, such printers took another step higher and started creating food.

You read that right; there’s now such a thing as 3D food from a 3D printer. Some health experts say this is the right answer for a healthier lifestyle, but many still doubt it. Here are the latest, most fascinating facts about food and 3D printing.

Latest prototype

Janne Kyttanen, a 3D printing expert, is the person behind the interesting prototype of burgers, pasta, and breakfast cereals. Such prototypes demonstrated how 3D printing could make a massive change in your eating habits. Kyttanen is also the co-founder of Freedom of Creation, a design studio; and she claimed that 3d printed food is the next frontier. She and her team have already printed chocolates, and in the next few years, many other 3D foods will sprout.

Is it really edible?

Many people have been asking this question, over and over again. Since 3D food still sounds bizarre at some point, it’s not uncommon for ordinary citizens to wonder about such a thing. Technically, one of the main goals of 3D food developers is to come up with a better eating habit. They wanted to create a healthier lifestyle, which is believed to be the solution for the increasing number of obese individuals. 3D foods are edible. If you love pasta, for example, you’ll surely not notice the difference between real and 3D carbonara.

The advantage for restaurant owners

Just as 3D printers became advantagous for the medical and engineering industry, this product is also considered as a fallen angel for restaurants owners. With it, they don’t have to worry about peak hours anymore. In fact, they don’t have to hire more chefs just to satisfy the needs of their customer. Recent studies revealed that chefs are starting to have more in-depth experiments on what they call food printers, and this experiment will soon bear a positive result.

With this fast-evolving world we’re in, there is no way to predict the next gadget that will invade the market. 3D food printers may not be fully trusted today, but in no time, this will soon be in your kitchen; a must-have for every household. But worry not, because when that time comes, maybe this item won’t be as expensive as we might think!