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FlashForge Guider IIS V2 3D Printer

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The Flashforge Guider IIS V2 (High Temp Version) is the latest upgraded model from the original Guider II/IIS models.

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FlashForge Guider IIS V2 Special Features

  • Assembled Out of the Box: full metal-frame, enclosed 3d printer with massive build volume 280x250x300mm.
  • Patent Extruder Heated up to 240℃ and Heating Platform up to 120℃: offers a wide array 3D print materials compatibility and great print results.
  • FREE slicer support: FlashPrint offers basic slicing features and advanced options for custom printing.
  • Resumes printing: print stops without damaging 3d models when suffering sudden power failure, resumes printing when power is back on.
  • Prints with Mainstream 1.75mm filament: PLA, ABS, PETG, Color-change, TPU, and TPE 3d printer materials.
  • Filament Check: filament sensor detects material usage and notifies you when the filament is running out or broken, greatly improves print efficiency.
  • 5-inch touchscreen: visual 3d prints set up, simplifies operation and ensures accuracy.
  • Wireless 3d printing & Cloud printing: supports 3D files transfer via USB cable, SD card, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, FlashCloud, and PolarCloud.
  • One spool of random filament is included (1000g).

The FlashForge Guider IIS v2 3D printer is an upgraded version of the Guider II with additional features.
Besides all the specs that its predecessor boasts, the Guider IIS added features include:
built-in HD camera for remote monitoring and new air filtration helps to reduce unpleasant odours and hazardous emissions.

The Guider II S is an industrial-grade 3D printer. A massive build volume with the top level of FFF technology,
designed to provide maximum stability and ruggedness when printing your designs.

FlashForge Guider IIS Pro v2 Filament

The FlashForge Guider IIS V2 high temp version extruder supports heating up to 300c, the bottom plate supports up to 120c.
Supported filament types are PLA / ABS / HIPS / PC / TPU 95A / PETG / PA

Flashforge Guider IIS Pro
FlashForge Guider IIS V2 Supported Leveling Function
The levelling sensor in the nozzle can accurately measure the distance between the platform and nozel.
The FlashForge Guider IIS V2 provides on-screen instructions to assist with platform levelling.

5.0-inch Touch Screen
The large touch screen is designed for ease of use, more printing status details are displayed to assist with that perfect print.

Power Failure Recovery

When the printer encounters a power failure during a print, it will resume when power is restored.
The printer detects power failed and moves the nozzle away from the model.
This ensures there will be no damage to the nozzle by the hot nozzle.
The point is recorded so the print will resume from the exact spot it stopped.

Remote Monitoring

The Guider IIs Pro comes equipped with a camera. This can be used to monitor print jobs remotely.

With large building volume and multiple nozzle diameter options, Guider IIs can meet diversity printing demands of high strength and conventional filaments in offices,
schools and industries. Adopting air filtration system, it is safer and more environmental-friendly that Guider IIs is your prior choice to improve production and manufacturing efficiency.

Glass platform or flexible one, it is at your choice. So as to meet different needs. An upgrade from the last version of Guider IIS.
It now includes a flexible spring build plate assy, helping to take off printed models easily.

FlashForge Guider IIS V2 Specifications

Extruder number:1
Extruder diameter:Optional: 0.3/0.4/0.6/0.8mm
Highest set temperature of extruder:300℃
Build Volume:280*250*300mm
Print Speed:10-150mm/s
Highest set temperature of platform:120℃

Printer Volume:550*490*570mm
Screen:5-inch Touch Screen
Net Weight:30kg
Input:100-240 VAC,47-63Hz
Internal Storage:8G

Data transmission:USB cable,USB stick,Wi-Fi,Ethernet,FlashCloud,PolarCloud
Output: GX/G files

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