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Formlabs Form 3 Resin 3D Printer: Basic Package


Flawless Prints, Every Time

Scale prototyping and production as your business grows with the Form 3, an affordable, industrial-quality 3D printer that consistently delivers.

Includes: Form 3 Printer, Resin Tank, Build Platform, and Finish Kits.

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Formlabs Form 3 Resin 3D Printer Specialty Features

  • Crisp & Clean: The Formlabs Form 3 Resin 3D Printer : a high-power-density laser is passed through a spatial filter to guarantee a clean laser spot.
  • Consistent Printing: A parabolic mirror ensures that the laser prints perpendicular to the build plane, ensuring uniform print quality across the entire build platform.
  • Improved Part Clarity: With LFS (Low Force Stereolithography) technology’s improved layer registration and surface finish, translucent materials print clearer than ever, right off the printer.
  • Pinpoint Precision: The custom-designed Light Processing Unit (LPU) inside the printer uses a compact system of lenses and mirrors to deliver accurate, repeatable prints.
  • Nonstop Printing: The Form 3 constantly monitors print performance so you can focus on bringing your most creative ideas to life; integrated sensors help maintain ideal print conditions and send you alerts about the state of your machine.
  • Closed-loop calibration: Optical sensors continuously correct for scale and power, and can even detect dust.
  • Hassle-free Materials Management: Switch between materials in seconds with a simple cartridge system.
  • User-replaceable Components: The Light Processing Unit, rollers, and optics window can be replaced in-house, reducing the need for replacement printer shipments.
  • Grows with your Business: Formlabs Form 3 Resin 3D Printer: Use the same tool through prototyping and into production, and easily expand into new applications.

Formlabs Form 3 Resin 3D Printer Specifications

  • XY Resolution: 25µm
  • Laser Spot Size: 85µm
  • Laser Power: 250mW (1x)
  • Layer Thickness: 25-300µm
  • Build Volume: 145x145x185mm
  • Technology: Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™
  • Resin Fill System: Automated
  • Resin Cartridges: 1
  • Supports: Auto-Generated, Light-Touch Removal
  • Minimum Access Dimensions (WxDxH): 405x530x780mm
  • Printer Dimensions (WxDxH): 405x375x53mm
  • Weight: 17.5kg
  • Internal Temperature: Auto-heats to 35°C
  • Temperature Control: Air-heated print chamber
  • Operating Environment: 18-28°C
  • Power Requirements: 100-240VAC, 2.5A, 50/60Hz, 220W
  • Laser Specifications:
    • 1x Light Processing Unit
    • EN 60825-1:2007 certified
    • Class 1 Laser Product
    • 405nm Wavelength
    • 250mW Power
    • 85 micron (0.0033in)
    • laser spot
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4, 5GHz), Ethernet (1000Mbit), USB 2.0
  • Printer Control: 5.5″ interactive touchscreen (1280×720 resolution)
  • Alerts: Touchscreen alerts, SMS/email via Dashboard, 2x LED Status indicators, Speaker for audio alerts
  • Software:
    • System Requirements: Windows 7 (64-bit) and up, MAC OS X 10.12 and up, OpenGL 2.1, 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
    • File Types: STL/OBJ file input, FORM file output

Package Contents

  • 1x Form 3 Printer
  • 1x Resin Tank
  • 1x Build Platform
  • 1x Finish Kits

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