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Formlabs Form 3 Ultimate Starter Bundle


Everything You Need to Get Started with Formlabs

Bundle includes Formlabs’ Form 3 Resin 3D Printer Starter Package, Form Wash, and Form Cure.

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Formlabs Form 3 Resin 3D Printer: Basic Package


Flawless Prints, Every Time

Scale prototyping and production as your business grows with the Form 3, an affordable, industrial-quality 3D printer that consistently delivers. Includes: Form 3 Printer, Resin Tank, Build Platform, and Finish Kits. Leasing finance monthly options available - see calculator below https://www.grenkefinance.com.au/one%20classic-lease/

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Formlabs Form Wash Post Processing


Automate Resin Cleaning with Form Wash

Introducing Formlabs' newest product world-first automated, deep cleaning dishwasher for 3D prints. This innovative new addition to the Formlabs family takes out the guesswork by completely removing motion and touch. It's like having a tiny, robotic maid always waiting for you with clean hands when you come home from work. The Formlabs Form Wash Post automatically removes print resin, leaving your prints clean and ready to be used for a new build. Form Wash is compatible with any resins within the Formlabs portfolio including Castable Resin, Photopolymer Resin, Photo-Curing Resin, and Standard Resin.

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Formlabs Form Cure Post Processing


Unlock Peak Performance

Formlabs Form Cure Post Processing is finely tuned to bring parts to their maximum mechanical properties. Form Cure’s turntable rotates to provide uniform exposure. The heating system preheats the chamber to get parts ready for optimum post-curing. Once the chamber is heated, 13 LEDs trigger the post-curing reaction, bringing parts to their maximum mechanical properties. Once time is up, parts are fully cured and ready for peak performance. For Standard Resins, simply use Form Cure’s default time and temperature. For all other materials, use unique recommended settings for optimum performance.

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The Formlabs Form 3 Workflow

The Form 3 is a part of a 3D printing ecosystem that’s easy to learn and use, and requires little intervention or maintenance. The Ultimate Starter Bundle provides everything you need to get started with resin printing; from importing your print into Formlabs’ PreForm print preparation software, to printing on the Form 3, to post-processing in the Form Wash and Cure. Resulting in the perfect finished product for all your prototyping and production needs.

Bundle Items

Formlabs’ Form 3 3D Resin Printer Basic Package: https://3dprintersonline.com.au/formlabs-form-3-resin-3d-printer/

Formlabs’ Form Wash: https://3dprintersonline.com.au/formlabs-form-wash/

Formlabs’ Form Cure: https://3dprintersonline.com.au/formlabs-form-cure-post-processing/

Further Information

The Form 3 Workflow in 5 Minutes: https://youtu.be/xf9oBcTzMFo



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