Monocure3D Rapid Flex 500ml


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We designed our Monocure3D Rapid Flex 500ml for low powered LED/LCD DLP type 3D printers. Monocure3D Rapid Flex 500ml has an extremely high level of flexibility so you can 3D print compressible and bendable models. The thicker the part, the less flexible it will become. The clear appearance allows you to see internal structures when 3D printed.


The Monocure3D Rapid Flex 500ml – 100% Flexible Rapid Resin is packed in 500ml, 1ltr & 5ltr UV safe black plastic containers with a screw-top cap.


Use this cleaning agent as is, do not dilute with water. For best results use in conjunction with an ultrasonic cleaning bath (heat is unnecessary). Keep printed objects submerged in Monocure3D RESINAWAY® until the uncured resin has been removed. If you are using without an ultrasonic cleaning bath, use a soft brush will assist in this process. Once clear of resin, remove the object from Monocure3D RESINAWAY®, and for best results, use compressed air to remove remaining liquid, otherwise pat dry with a lint-free cloth. Then post-cure the part using a recommended LED 405nm light until the surface is tack free (approx. 5mins at 30watts). The final process is to rinse under running tap water. For cleaning vats, build plates, instruments & surfaces, rinse/soak/wipe with Monocure3D RESINAWAY® then wash with fresh water.


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