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Phrozen TR250 Engineering High Resin (Deep-Grey) 500g

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Phrozen Engineering TR250 Resin 
(Deep-Gray) 500g
Specification & Performance:
Weight: 500g per bottle

XY Resolution: 0.047 mm

Layer Height / Parameter: 15 sec @ 50 um, Delay 3
Cleaning Printed Part: Use alcohol spray to clean models and dry with air gun/compressed air. Do not immerse printed part into alcohol over 30 sec.

Compatible Printer: Phrozen Shuffle, Shuffle XL, Make ParaLED, Make XL ParaLED, Phrozen 1.5

Application: Rubber Mold for Jewelry, Fine Details GK Kit, Heat Resistance Application
Key Performance: 

Viscosity: 61 mPa.S (25C)
Density: 1.10 g / cm3
Tensile Stress (Break): 68 MPa
Elongation: 8.5%
Tensile Modulus: 1050 MPa
Hardness: Shore 80D
Heat Deflection Temperature @0.45MPa: > 150C 
  • Use indoors with Phrozen 3D Printer in well ventilated room
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and indoor luminescence
  • Please preserve resin in closed opaque bottle to avoid both air and light exposure
  • Do not mix used and unused resins together
  • Please keep the resin away from children
  • Please do not dump resin. Please dispose of responsibly with general waste/plastics 
Safety Rules:
  • Do not eat or swallow resin. If ingested seek medical advice immediately
  • Wear goggles to avoid eye contact with resin. If resin comes in to contact with eyes wash thoroughly and seek medical advice immediately 
  • Resin may cause slight irritation to skin. Gloves should always be worn when handling. If allergic reaction occurs stop using immediately
  • Resin has mild odour. We strongly recommend you to use in well ventilated room or area
  • Recommended safety equipment: gloves, mask, goggles, and lab coat.
  • Store resin at room temperature and in dry area. 15-35 degrees recommended

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