3D Essentials - Magnetic Build Plate 202x128mm

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3D Essentials - Magnetic Build Plate 202x128mm

Take your 3D prints from stuck to spectacular with this magnetic build plate. No more wrestling with tape, glue or scrapers—just a quick flex pops your prints right off. This upgrade includes a spring steel sheet and powerful magnetic pad that adhere directly to your printer’s build surface. Once in place, the magnetic forces grip your steel sheet securely during printing but release with a gentle bend when done.

Say goodbye to failed prints stuck in place and hello to hassle-free removal and spotless results. Whether you’re a 3D print pro or just getting started, this build plate makes printing more pleasure than pain. For effortless print removal and a flawless finish every time, choose magnetic might over messy adhesives. This build plate is stickier than glue but without the sticky residue.

This 3D printing essential makes life so much easier. The spring steel sheet and magnetic pad with adhesive stick firmly to your printing surface, yet flex slightly to pop your prints right off - no tape, glue or scraper required. The powerful magnet makes removing even large prints a breeze, leaving you free to focus on your next 3D masterpiece.

  • Includes: spring steel sheet and magnetic pad with 3M adhesive sheet
  • Flexible, removable, powerful magnetic.
  • No more tape, no more glue, no more scraper required
  • Simple to adhere to printing surface and to remove prints. Flex slightly to pop your prints right off

Suitable for SLA Resin 3D printers with a build plate measuring 202x128x75mm including:

- Anycubic Photon Mono X
- Anycubic Photon X
- SainSmart KL-9
- And others

Installation for Resin Printers

The magnet can be attached to flat surface of the build plate.
Avoid using on very large build plates or on build plates with holes.

All magnets must dry for 72 hrs, even pressure should be applied during the drying process.
We suggest sitting the magnet on a glass plate or stone bench top so it has a super flat surface that can keep the magnet free from deviations.

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