Anycubic Chiron Titan Extruder Feeder

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Anycubic Chiron Titan Extruder Feeder

Take your 3D prints to the next dimension with the Anycubic Chiron Titan Extruder Feeder. This high-performance extruder is built to handle any filament you feed it, from hard PLA to flexible TPU. At its heart is a powerful stepper motor that churns out the torque to push filament through at a consistent pace for maximum precision.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing 3D printer or build your own custom rig, the Anycubic Chiron Titan Extruder Feeder has the brawn and brains to bring your designs to life. No more jams, slips or uneven extrusion—just smooth, steady flow for professional-grade prints. From prototype to end product, this extruder helps you achieve high resolution, maximum strength, and a flawless finish across materials. Your 3D printing has never looked so good. The Chiron Titan—pushing the boundaries of 3D printing, one layer at a time.

Anycubic’s Chiron Titan Extruder Feeder means business. The high-quality stepper motor and wider torque keep even the trickiest filaments under control for smooth, snag-free prints that won't leave you hunting for missing layers. Perfect for flexibles like TPU and PETG that need a gentle but firm touch.

1. High quality stepper motor with larger torque
2. Support soft filament ,such as TPU、PETG and so on

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