Bambu Lab AMS - Replacement Desiccant

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Bambu Lab AMS - Replacement Desiccant


The Bambu Lab AMS - Replacement Desiccant is a highly effective dehumidifier that works to remove moisture from the air. It's made of CaCl2, which is a white powder with an odorless, chlorine-like smell. The replacement desiccants are packaged in one month's supply, which means you can use them for up to two months (or longer if needed). The Bambu Lab AMS - Replacement Desiccant is easy to use: simply place it in an area where you want to reduce moisture, and the CaCl2 will begin working immediately. It's recommended that you keep the dehumidifier at least 20 feet away from furniture and other objects that will be damaged by excess moisture.

The Bambu Lab AMS - Replacement Desiccant comes in packs of six.

User guide

  • Please take 2 to 3 new desiccant packs, remove the plastic film from the desiccant, and install it in the designated location for the AMS.
  • Close the AMS cover to help keep your filament dry. Please ensure that the locking tabs on the AMS are closed to insulate the AMS from external air.

How to check if the desiccant needs to be replaced

When new, the desiccant will be a white powder. When the desiccant packs absorb moisture, they will gradually turn into a yellow paste. The desiccant needs to be changed when the entire pack is yellow because it loses the ability to keep the filament dry. We also recommend re-drying the filament at that point.

How to check if the dessicant needs to be replaced?

Product Specification

Working Life: One month (2 packs)

Material: CaCl2

Quantity of Desiccant: 6

Color:  White

Package size: 100*135*45 mm

Working Life One month (2 packs) Quantity of Desiccant 6
Material CaCl2 Color White
Package Weight 175 g Package size 100*135*45 mm

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