Bambu Lab Cool Plate

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Bambu Lab Cool Plate

This Bambu Lab Cool Plate lets you get creative in the kitchen without fear of burns. Made of flexible 0. mm spring steel and heat-resistant up to 248°F, this plate can handle anything from sautéing veggies to searing steak. At just 0. mm thick, the included cool plate stickers adhere directly to the surface, allowing you to imprint custom designs, messages or logos before cooking. Once done, simply peel off the stickers for a presentation worthy of any culinary masterpiece. This set includes one 256x256mm plate and sticker sheet to get you started. Additional sticker packs are available to turn every meal into an edible work of art. When inspiration strikes in the kitchen, grab this cool plate and get cooking—your secret weapon for crafting Instagram-worthy eats is here.

Things to know before use

  • Variations in the color and luster of the Engineering Plate appearance and the removal of the exposed metal areas are just minor adjustments to optimize the production process and surface quality. If the coating remains on the nozzle when the nozzle is wiped, it will be heated and melted before printing the model. Such changes do not affect leveling, Lidar, adhesion, or range of use. You can purchase with confidence!
  • Before auto-leveling, it is necessary to repeatedly rub the nozzle in the special wiping area of the build plate to completely remove any residual material at the tip of the nozzle. The coating in the special-designed wiping area will gradually become worn over time. This is normal and does not affect print quality or nozzle lifetime, so there is no need to worry about any quality issues.
  • Bambu Lab recommends only using Bambu Lab official glue on the Cool Plate, and can not be held responsible for any damage caused to plates as a result of using third-party glue on build plates.

One side: Bambu Cool Plate = Cool plate sheet + Bambu Engineering Plate
The other side: Bambu Engineering Plate

Product Specifications

Surface temperature resistance - Up to 120℃
Flexible spring steel thickness - 0.5mm
Usable print size - 256*256 mm
Cool Plate sticker thickness - 0.4 mm
Package weight- 320 g
Package size - 290*290*4 mm

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