Bambu Lab Filament Buffer

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Bambu Lab Filament Buffer


Take your 3D prints to the next dimension with the Bambu Lab Filament Buffer. This essential accessory works with your Bambu Lab 3D printer to provide a buffering effect for the filament, resulting in smoother, higher quality prints.

The Filament Buffer connects via a 4-pin cable to your printer’s filament input and outputs to the filament spool through a 6-pin cable. By stabilizing the flow of filament to the extruder, the Buffer helps eliminate imperfections caused by filament drag or tension.

The result? Flawless prints with crisp details and smooth surfaces. Compatible with Bambu Lab’s X1 and P1P 3D printers, the Filament Buffer is a must-have for any maker looking to push the limits of 3D printing perfection. Your prints will never be the same again.

The Bambu Lab Filament Buffer is an accessory that is required in conjunction with a single AMS unit. Its function is to provide a buffering effect for the filament. The interface is a 4-Pin cable with a 3mm pitch with snap terminal input, and a 6-Pin cable with 3mm pitch open snap terminal output.



X1 Series, P1P



For multiple AMS units, the AMS Hub is required instead of the Filament buffer.


In the Box

Filament buffer, 2x M3*23 screws


Product Specification

Voltage: 24V

Package Weight: 50g

Material: Plastics, PCBA

Electricity: Below 10mA

Package Size: 109*55*33mm

Color: Gray

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