Bambu Lab First Stage Feeder

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Bambu Lab First Stage Feeder


Bambu Lab First Stage Feeder actively pushes or pulls filament to the multi-material AMS printer's 4 feeders. Each motorized feeder detects inserted filaments, then automatically pulls and winds filament for consistent, uninterrupted printing of multiple colors and materials.

This Bambu Lab's First Stage Feeder is the ultimate multitasking assistant for your 3D printer. It actively feeds up to four different filaments at a time so you can print objects in multiple colors and materials in one seamless process. Each feeder has its own motor and gears to automatically push filament through or wind it back onto the spool. Once you load your filaments, this smart feeder takes over and pulls them through as needed based on your print job.

When it’s time to change colors or swap materials, it will spin the spools to retract the filament. This four-in-one feeding system is a must-have for unlocking the full potential of your 3D printer and creating complex objects with smooth transitions.

  • The AMS Bambu Lab First Stage Feeder is specially designed to support the AMS for printing multiple colors and materials.
  • Each AMS has 4 first stage feeders, and each first stage feeder has its own motor and gears to actively push the filament forward or wind it back to the spool.
  • The Bambu Lab First Stage Feeder has a sensor to detect filament. When a filament is inserted, the first stage feeder will pull the filament automatically. When a filament needs to be winded back, the first stage feeder will drive the AMS driving sleeve to rotate the spool for filament winding.


Works with Bambu Lab AMS


Product Specifications

Materials: Plastic, PCBA

Voltage: 6.6 V

Packaging size: 120*80*50 mm

Packaging weight: 150g

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