Bambu Lab Nozzle Wiper

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Bambu Lab Nozzle Wiper

Keep your 3D printer nozzle squeaky clean with the Bambu Lab Nozzle Wiper. This handy tool wipes away any excess filament that oozes from the nozzle during printing to prevent messy buildup. Its durable yet flexible PP elastic structure conforms to any nozzle shape, while the PTFE tube gently wipes the nozzle opening without causing damage. When the PP structure shows signs of wear or the PTFE tube comes loose, simply replace the affordable Nozzle Wiper to ensure flawless prints every time.

The Nozzle Wiper attaches directly to your printer so it’s always ready when you need it. No more pausing prints to clean the nozzle or scrubbing caked-on filament from your printer bed. With the Bambu Lab Nozzle Wiper, the only thing overflowing will be your creativity.

  • The Nozzle Wiper is used to clean up the waste overflowing from the nozzle of the printer. It consists of PP elastic structure, PTFE tube, and a lock screw.
  • When the PP elastic structure undergoes plastic deformation or fracture, the nozzle wiper can be replaced.
  • When the PTFE tube becomes loose and can be rotated, please tighten the screws to ensure that the PTFE tube cannot be rotated (be careful not to over-tighten it to cause slippage).
  • If slippage occurs, please replace the nozzle wiper.



X1 Series, P1P

Product Specifications

Color: Black

Materials: Plastic, Metal

Packaging size: 60*60*30 mm

Packaging weight: 13 g

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