Bambu Lab Replacement Filament Cutter

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Bambu Lab Replacement Filament Cutter


Slice through filament jams and unleash your 3D printer’s full potential with the Bambu Lab Replacement Filament Cutter. This essential accessory lets you trim filament to prevent clogs when using the Bambu X1 or X1 Carbon, enabling hassle-free printing with different materials. Compatible with the X1 Series and P1P, this cutter is a must-have for anyone looking to push their printer to new heights. No more wasted time or filament due to tangles and snags.

Replace filament quickly and easily with this sleek filament cutter from Bambu Lab. Designed specifically for Bambu X1 and X1 Carbon 3D printers, it helps prevent filament from clogging during printing and assists with multi-material switching when used with the Automatic Material Switching Accessory. End filament frustration and keep printing.

Experience seamless multi-material printing and say goodbye to unclogging headaches. For the DIY maker or entrepreneur ready to prototype at warp speed, clear the path to productivity with this Bambu Lab Replacement Filament Cutter. Unlock your printer’s promise and cut the cord to failed prints. The future is now.

The filament can be cut to prevent the supplies from clogging when using Bambu X1or X1 Carbon. When used with AMS, it assists with multi-material switching.


X1 Series, P1P

Product Specification

Cutter thickness 0.5mm Quantity 3 pcs
Materials Plastic, metal Color Silver
Package size 64*62*34 mm Package weight 15 g

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