Eibos Series X Single Filament Dryer

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Product Summary
  • Can adjust specific heating temperature to accommodate needs of various filaments by simply turning the knob from 40-65℃
  • Equipped with individual humidity sensor, measurement range from 10%-99%
  • Works for different filament types and diameters, compatible with 1.75mm, 2.85mm, 3.00mm 3D filament
  • Filament dryer box aims at drying the wet or brittle 3D printer filament, or even make it better than the brand new unit
  • No plastic strings and clogging, no need worry about your old left out spools, this dryer box can help revive them easily
  • Our product use 45W PTC heater which is more durable, energy-saver, and environmentally friendly, makes filament drying more evenly
  • A Built-in fan is designed to circulate the hot air inside the filament dryer box to make drying system better remove the moisture
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Eibos Series X Single Filament Dryer

Introducing the Eibos Series X Single Filament Dryer - a must-have for any 3D printer enthusiast! This dryer box is specifically designed to remove moisture from spools of filament caused by ambient exposure. It functions as both storage and filament holder, with two slots at the corners that can be used to place desiccant for longer drying conditions. The durable construction ensures your filament will stay safe and secure while in use or in storage. Get your Eibos Series X Single Filament Dryer today and keep your filaments fresh and ready to print!


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