Elegoo USB Air Purifier 2 Pcs

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Elegoo USB Air Purifier

The Elegoo USB Air Purifier is the perfect solution for reducing printing odors from your ELEGOO Resin 3D Printer! Plug-and-Play, this purifier uses a replaceable carbon filter to make sure you can keep using it in an efficient and quiet manner. With adjustable power settings, you can tailor the level of filtration to meet your needs.

Its replaceable carbon filter works hard at getting rid of those nasty odors, leaving you with a fresher workspace in no time! Get yours today and enjoy 3d printing with peace of mind - it's the best way to ensure safety when using ELEGOO Resin 3D Printers! This air purifier is designed with high quality materials to ensure long lasting performance plus no need for complex setup or maintenance requirements - just plug and play. Say goodbye to bad smells while getting top notch performance!

Please noted that Elegoo USB Air Purifier is only compatible with ELEGOO Mars 4 Series, Saturn 3 Series, Mars 3 Pro, Saturn 2, Saturn 8K, and Jupiter Resin 3D PrintersDo not use it for other USB adapters or ports.

Elegoo USB Air Purifier Main Features:

  • 【Plug and Play】The plug-in air purifier is directly connected via a USB interface at the rear of the printer chamber, with a longer lifespan and no more worry about standby time.
  • 【More Efficient Purification:】Compared with the mini air purifier, the USB air purifier has a larger body size of 44x44x169mm for better and longer-lasting purification efficiency.
  • 【Quiet Operation】 The Elegoo USB Air Purifier has a 4500 rpm high-speed purifying fan with faster airflow and lower noise and stays quiet and stable during work.
  • 【Replaceable Activated Carbon】 The built-in activated carbon cube lasts for over 1 year and can be replaced, which needs to be purchased separately.  (Please open the cap of the purifier and remove the protective paper before use.)
  • 【Wide Application】 Perfectly compatible with ELEGOO Mars 4 Series, Saturn 3 Series, Mars 3 Pro, Saturn 2, Saturn 8K, and Jupiter Resin 3D Printers.


Reduce Printing Odor

Elegoo USB Air Purifier with built-in activated carbon can effectively absorb and filter most resin odors before the stinky smell of resin is ventilated out through the cooling fans.


Using the air purifier is effortless: simply remove the plastic paper from the activated carbon block on the inside, and plug the air purifier into the USB power port underneath the UV cover. No longer fear standby time issues.

Efficient and Quiet 

With a larger size of 44x44x169mm, the air purifier has strong adsorption performance and better filtering effect, and a high-speed 4500 RPM purification fan with faster air ventilation, lower noise and more stable operation.

Replaceable Carbon Filter

The replaceable built-in activated carbon block can be used for more than 1 year and needs to be purchased separately.

(You don't need the same activated carbon block purchased separately, you can even use small blocks of activated carbon directly.)

For ELEGOO Resin 3D Printers

Designed specifically for ELEGOO resin 3D printers, perfectly compatible with ELEGOO Mars 3 Pro, Saturn S, Saturn 8K, Saturn 2, and Jupiter series resin 3D printers.

Technical Specifications:

Packing unit: 2
Product size: 44*44*169mm
Power supply mode: USB interface
Purifier filter element: activated carbon (replaceable)
Power: 1.2W
Fan speed: 4500R

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