Evebot Coffee Printer EB-FC Color Printer

SKU: EB-FC1 (Colour)
Product Summary
  • Applicable scene: Homes, cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars, etc.
  • Consumable Type: Split Ink Cartridge
  • Printing method: Fully automatic printing
  • How to use: Scan the code on your mobile phone to upload the pattern you want to print and adjust the parameters
  • Printer models are divided into color printing and monochrome printing
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Evebot Coffee Printer EB-FC Color Printer

Introducing the Evebot Coffee Printer EB-FC Color Printer - a fully automatic coffee latte art printer with smart touch screen. With Evebot Coffee Printer EB-FC Color Printer, you can print personalized designs on your favorite beverages and food! From coffee to beer, cocktails to yogurt, even vegetarians can enjoy their own creations. The high precision printing technology ensures that every design is perfect and looks great in any cup or plate. Get creative and make something special for yourself or someone else today with the Evebot Coffee Printer EB-FC Color Printer!

Make your drinks a hot topic with Evebot Coffee Printer EB-FC Color Printer

Promote your brand by creating fun, shareable coffee, drink or food and make your drink go viral.

Differentiate your brand

Print personalized designs on food like coffee, frothy drinks and cakes. Let your brand become the most recognizable and influential existence in the industry!


Printing accuracy


Ink cartridge


Prints in 40 seconds

Multi-color printing

Simple operation

  • Use your mobile device to scan the QR code of the machine to upload a picture. You can choose a photo from the system gallery or choose a personal picture. (The pictures you upload are only used for machine printing, you can delete them at any time)
  • Upload pictures by taking a selfie with the peripheral camera, and support offline use (the camera function service needs to be activated)

  • You can choose the size according to the diameter of your printed beverage cup, whether it is a cappuccino, margarita or martini glass, here you can set and save the size.
  • You can also improve the image quality by adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image to make the photo look better, more natural, and clearer.

  • After pressing the "print" button, your drink will automatically rise to a certain height, and enjoy your personalized drink after a while!

Connect a camera to take a selfie

  • Just click the shutter button on the screen, the photo will appear in the machine's gallery.
  • Improve machine utilization efficiency and reduce customer waiting time.
  • More ways to transfer pictures, you can use the camera without connecting to the Internet.
  • Please note: To use the selfie camera, you need to open the camera service function of the machine, please purchase the exclusive camera of Evebot.

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