Fillamentum Flexfill TPE 90A 1.75mm 500g

SKU: FM-VP-011
Product Summary

Flexible material based on polyolefinic thermoplastic elastomer with hardness 90 Shore A. This filament is safe for food-contact applications and for applications in contact with skin. Wear resistance guarantees the durability of 3D printed products. Great for sealings especially in the presence of certain substances, the ability to seal is preserved also at higher temperatures. This material has very low gas permeability. Working temperature: 225–245 °C Heated bed: 50–60 °C

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Safe for food-contact and skin-contact applications
Dimensional stability
Smooth matte finish
Pleasant to touch
Tear strength, abrasion resistance
Chemical resistance against acids, alcohols, alkalis, and water
Resistant against dirt, washable
Low odor
Safe to use in electrical and electronic equipment

Working temperature: 225–245 °C
Heated bed: 50–60 °C
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.10 mm
500 g of filament (+ 230 g spool)

The length of the filament:
170 m (1.75 mm, 500 g)

RAL | Pantone | HEX:
N/A | N/A | N/A
3D Printing Guide
The use of a direct drive extruder is highly recommended
For a good adhesion use Magigoo Flex
Because of its chemical structure, this material is sensitive to stress whitening. It is usual, that the stress created by impact or tension causes the microcracks. It can be partially removed by the heat gun. If possible, limit the bending of the printed object. For dynamically stressed parts, it is better to use Flexfill TPU or Flexfill PEBA 90A. It does not affect the functionality of the filament
Drying filaments before processing
Spools Dimension
Data Sheets

Comparison of Fillamentum's Flexfill family:

Flexfill TPU Flexfill TPE Flexfill PEBA
Polymer base
Polyurethane + ester Polyolefin + SEBS Polyamide + ether
Tensile strength
49 MPa 5 MPa 36 MPa
Elongation at break
600 % 250 % > 1000 %
1.20 g/cm3 1.15 g/cm3 1.00 g/cm3
Sensitivity to moisture
High Low High
Chemical resistance
Oils, greases, ozone Water, acids, alcohols, alkalis Car fluids, toluene, acetone, ozone
Food & skin contact
Not recommended Certificated Not certificated
Gas permeability
High Low Medium
Optical properties
Glossy, transparent Matte, non-translucent Glossy, very transparent
For example, ideal for applications Vibration Anti-vibration, damping Anti-vibration, damping Vibration and energy transfer
Skin contact - Long-term touch of human skin (holding in hands) -
Under temperature +80–100 °C +80 °C -40 °C
In contact with Oils Water Car fluids
Abrasion Sliding abrasion - Impingement abrasion
Other - Outdoor Low density
- - Rebounding

Food Contact Declaration by request on

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