Fillamentum NonOilen 1.75mm 750g

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This filament is made of polylactic acid and polyhydroxy butyrate blend (PLA/PHB). The content of PHB improves the toughness, temperature resistance, and especially biodegradability. It perfectly fits into the principles of the circular economy, it can be reused many times, therefore, you can reduce the waste, and once the lifetime ends, it can be recycled.

Working temperature: 175195 °C
Heated bed: 0–50 °C
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  • 100% made of polymers from renewable resources (bio-based)
  • High strength, toughness, hardness
  • Temperature resistance up to 110 °C  right after 3D printing, no need to anneal
  • Easy 3D printing comparable with PLA
  • Long-term durability of printed object
  • Safe for food contact applications 
  • Objects may be washed in the dishwasher
  • Barrier properties
  • Natural silk look
  • Polymer may be recycled many times with retention of the features
  • 100% biodegradable in industrial compost and electric composters
  • Decomposition in compost is about 3x faster than PLA 
  • No microplastics polluting environment is created during the biodegradation
  • Decomposes only in a biologically active environment
  • The byproducts from the decomposition process don't cause the greenhouse effect


Working temperature: 175195 °C
Heated bed: 0–50 °C
Available diameters: 1.75 mm
Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm 
Weight: 750 g of filament (+ 210 g spool)
The length of the filament: 250 m (1.75 mm, 750 g)
RAL | Pantone | HEX: N/A | N/A | N/A



Comparison of Fillamentum's biodegradable filaments:

PLA Extrafill  PLA Crystal Clear  Timberfill®  NonOilen® 
Polymer base  polylactic acid  polylactic acid  mixture of biopolymers filled with 15 % of natural fibers  polylactic acid and polyhydroxy butyrate blend
Mechanical properties  stiff stiff brittle  tough 
Biodegradability  industrial composter(months) industrial composter(months) industrial composter(months) industrial composter,

electric composter (90 days)

Temperature resistance 

without/after annealing 

55 / 80 °C  55 / 110 °C  55 / 80 °C  110/110 °C 
Optical properties  yellowish, transparent  clear, transparent  wood-like, non-translucent  yellowish, non-translucent 
Moisture sensitive  •••  •••••  ••••  •• 
Safe for food-contact applications  yes  yes  no  yes 
Recyclability Recyclable usually with loss of mechanical properties  Recyclable usually with loss of mechanical properties  Not recyclable Recyclable, many times without loss of properties


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