Flashforge foto 13.3

FlashForge Foto 13.3 4K 3D Printer

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FlashForge Foto 13.3 4K 3D Printer

Mass Production with Efficiency and Convenience: Large-Scale HD 4K LCD Printer.

Introducing the Flashforge Foto 13.3 Resin 3D Printer. The Foto 13.3 is a semi professional Resin printer with a large platform and high precision, perfect for both beginners and more experienced resin users.

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FlashForge Foto 13.3 4K 3D Printer

Introducing the FlashForge Foto 8.9 Mono 4K 3D Printer, the perfect tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike who demand high-quality, high-resolution prints. With its 8.9 inch monochrome LCD screen, this printer is capable of producing stunning, intricate models with exceptional detail and precision.

Equipped with a robust UV light source, the FlashForge Foto 8.9 Mono 4K can cure layers quickly and efficiently, ensuring faster print times and improved overall performance. The printer also boasts an intuitive touch screen interface and easy-to-use software, making it simple to set up and start printing right away.

Whether you're creating prototypes, complex models, or intricate figurines, the FlashForge Foto 8.9 Mono 4K 3D Printer is the ideal choice for achieving outstanding results. With its reliable performance, superior resolution, and user-friendly design, this printer is sure to become an essential tool in your workflow.

FlashForge Foto 13.3 Special Features

  • Larger Build Volume: 292x165x400mm = 19L Print Volume. Up to 4x larger than other LCD printers.
  • Superior Printing Performance: The Z-axis is supported by dual-linear ball screws which dramatically improve stability while in motion and reduces the risk of layer shifting common in printers with rod motors.
  • High Precision: For prototype designers and makers, the printed segmentation model can be assembled without polishing, which improves the iterative speed of product development.
  • Faster Print Speed: With a 4K monochrome screen, the exposure time is reduced to a 1/3 of the time compared to other LCD printers. This large-size LCD printer offers industrial designers and makers new possibilities, and improves the production efficiency of service providers and factories.
  • Easy Maintenance: The projection screen is designed with a quick disassembling module. To replace the screen, it only takes a few steps to install screws and connect the cables, which is easy and convenient. Compared with layer-by-layer disassembly and assembly of other common equipment, the working time is reduced by 2/3, and users will face less difficulty and risk in screen replacement. With the specially-treated industrial screen which is resistant to scratch and collision, and equipped with the efficient cooling system Flashforge developed, its probability of heavy damage is brought down by approximately 80%, and its service life is increased by 20%.

Note: This item is "Unboxed/Unused"

Layer Thickness 0.05-0.15mm
Print Volume 292x165x400mm
Print Precision ±0.05mm
Print Speed 10-30mm/hr
Printer Dimensions 38x38x68.5cm
Interface 4.5″ touch screen
Weight 35.5kg
Power Output 150W
Connectivity USB | Ethernet
Slicing Software FlashDLPrint
File Input Format 3MF | STL | OBJ | FPP | SLC
File Output Format SVGX

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