Formbot Troodon 2.0 Fully-enclosed CoreXY 3D Printer

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Some Assembly Required – Approx 5 Hours
Please check the Technical Specifications for more information.
Or call us on (02) 8488 6213

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Formbot Troodon 2.0 Pre-assembled Fully-enclosed CoreXY 3D Printer

The Formbot Troodon 2.0 3D printer is an engineering powerhouse ready to bring your designs to life. Its massive build volume lets you print parts up to 350mm x 350mm x 330mm, while a 300°C high-temp hotend handles even the most advanced filaments. The CoreXY motion system zips along at up to 500mm/sec, drastically reducing print times. And with auto bed leveling, auto Z height, and a self-cleaning nozzle, this printer delivers precision results with little fuss.

Modular hotends make it easy to switch between materials. Whether you're prototyping industrial parts, crafting cosplay accessories, or building a custom drone, the Trodoon 2.0 has the speed, size, and versatility to tackle it all.This pre-assembled workhorse comes fully enclosed for reliable results and a sleek look. Unleash your creativity with the high-performance 3D printing power of the Formbot Troodon 2.0.

The Formbot Troodon 2.0 - a revolutionary 3D printer that is perfect for any maker or enthusiast! This powerful machine comes in modules, 95% pre-assembled, which makes it much easier to build than other kits on the market. Inspired by Voron design, this 3D printer will save you time and labor while still providing top quality results every time. With its sleek design and intuitive control panel, you'll be able to create amazing projects with ease. Get your hands on the Formbot Troodon 2.0 today and start making your dreams come true!


Please Note:
Assembly will be required, allow about 5 hours.
Please ensure the linear blocks are cleaned and lubed with the correct materials when assembling the machine.

350mm x 350mm x 330mm
300°C high-temp hot end.
Quad Gantry Leveling and MBL
RepRap Firmware

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