Formlabs ESD Resin Cartridge

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Formlabs ESD Resin


Formlabs ESD Resin is the perfect solution for protecting your critical electronics components from static discharge. Reduce risk and increase manufacturing yield by 3D printing custom tools, jigs and fixtures with this cost-effective resin. It's designed to endure use on the factory floor while providing superior protection against static electricity. With its easy-to-use formulation, you can quickly produce parts that are both durable and dissipative of electrostatic charge.

Formlabs ESD Resin is a single part, cost-effective and versatile solution to print passive parts that offer electrostatic discharge suppression and resistivity. Use it to prototype and validate your electronics manufacturing workflows, as well as create enclosures to protect sensitive electronics from static discharge while they're in use.

Support print resolutions: 100 µm and 50µm

Post-curing required


Why Choose Formlabs ESD Resin

Use ESD Resin to reduce risk and increase the yield on your manufacturing line by 3D printing custom tools, jigs, and fixtures for automotive, aerospace, electronics manufacturing.


  • Protect your critical electronics from unregulated static discharge to prevent component failures.

High Toughness

  • With its high modulus and impact strength, ESD Resin is made to withstand operation on the production line.



ESD Resin is a cost-effective solution for producing static-dissipative parts designed to endure use on the factory floor.

ESD Resin is ideal for:

  • Tooling & fixturing for electronics manufacturing
  • Anti-static prototype and end-use components
  • Custom trays for component handling and storage


Form Wash Settings


20 minutes in IPA or TPM


Do not leave ESD Resin in solvent for longer than 20 minutes, as excessive solvent exposure affects the quality of the final part. We recommend washing ESD Resin separately from other resins to avoid staining.

Form Cure Settings


60 min


70 °C


Follow the post-curing indications to achieve maximum material properties.


Printer compatibility: Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3L, Form 3B, Form 3B+

Compatible with these resin tanks: Form 3/3B Resin Tank V2.1, Form 3L/3BL Resin Tank V1

Compatible with these build platforms: Form 3 Build Platform, Form 3 Build Platform 2

Note: Print settings for this material may not be available yet on Form 3L and Form 3BL printers. Please visit our support page for more information.


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