Formlabs Nylon 11 CF Powder 6 Kg

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Formlabs Nylon 11 CF Powder 6 Kg

Get the best of both worlds with Formlabs Nylon 11 CF Powder! This high-performance material combines nylon and carbon fiber to create a lightweight, rigid part that is perfect for end-use applications. It provides superior stiffness and strength while remaining structurally and thermally stable, so you can be sure your parts will last through repeated impact. With this powder, you'll get all the benefits of nylon plus the added durability of carbon fiber - it's truly an unbeatable combination! Order yours today and start creating strong, reliable parts in no time.

For use with Fuse 1+ 30W Printer system only, requires Fuse Sift 300 Micron Sieve.


Formlabs Nylon 11 CF Powder 6 Kg

Get the best of nylon and carbon fiber all in one high-performance material, perfect for end-use applications that require both superior stiffness and strength. Choose Formlabs Nylon 11 CF Powder to produce lightweight, rigid parts that remain structurally and thermally stable and can sustain repeated impact.

Please Note: This material requires Sift 300 Sieve to be used with Fuse Sift.


Formlabs Nylon 11 CF Powder is ideal for:

  • Replacement and spare alternatives for metal parts
  • Tooling, jigs, fixtures
  • High-impact equipment
  • Functional composite prototypes

Carbon fiber reinforced parts are used in high-performance industries for applications that require strength, heat-resistance, and stiffness, while remaining lightweight. While carbon fiber-reinforced parts are widely used already, few options exist for 3D printing, and none at the price point, quality, and ease of use of the Formlabs Fuse 1 Series printers.

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