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Geomagic® Control X ™

Control X is an advanced inspection and metrology software solution designed to optimize quality control processes and streamline inspection workflows. This powerful software empowers manufacturers to perform accurate and efficient dimensional analysis, ensuring that their products meet the highest quality standards.

With Control X, you can seamlessly compare 3D scan data to CAD models or nominal geometry, enabling you to identify deviations, surface variations, and potential defects. The software provides comprehensive inspection tools, including advanced deviation analysis, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), and comprehensive reporting functionalities. These tools allow you to visualize deviations, generate detailed inspection reports, and make informed decisions based on precise measurement data.

Control X automates the inspection process, saving valuable time and effort. You can create repeatable inspection routines, set up customized inspection workflows, and automate data analysis and reporting tasks. The software supports batch processing, enabling you to efficiently handle large quantities of scanned data and generate consistent inspection reports for multiple parts or assemblies.

One of the standout features of Control X is its airfoil analysis tool, which is specifically designed for the evaluation and quality control of turbine blades and other complex airfoil profiles. With this tool, you can precisely measure critical parameters such as leading and trailing edge positioning, thickness, camber lines, cord angles, and lengths. The software provides in-depth 2D twist analysis, ensuring that your airfoil profiles meet stringent design specifications.

Control X offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the inspection process and facilitates intuitive navigation. The software seamlessly integrates with 3D scanners, allowing you to directly import scan data and perform comprehensive inspections within a unified environment.

By leveraging the power of Control X, manufacturers can enhance their quality control procedures, minimize production errors, and ensure that their products meet the highest precision standards. Whether you are involved in aerospace, automotive, medical, or any other industry where precision is paramount, Control X is an indispensable tool for achieving superior quality assurance.

Experience the power of Control X and take your inspection and metrology capabilities to new heights.


Support for All Industry-standard Hardware Devices and Extensive File Import Support

Supports all industry-standard non-contact and optical scanners, and a wide range of portable probing and tactile devices. Import of all major CAD file formats including CATIA®, NX®, Creo®, Pro/ENGINEER®, SOLIDWORKS®, Solid Edge®, Autodesk Inventor®, and more, as well as PMI and GD&T data. All CAD importers are delivered at no additional cost.

Easy-to-Use User Interface Designed for Professionals

Geomagic Control X features an entirely refreshed user interface that helps everyone easily  and accurately measure and analyze parts, no matter the application, using the entire range of feature-rich options.

Workflow-driven Processes, Walk-up Probing for Greater Productivity

Geomagic Control X delivers easy-to-use and understandable workflows that enable walk - up probing alongside pre-planned probing for fast generation of results every time.

Other Key Features of Geomagic Control X

  • Synchronous Inspection Delivers Both  Ease-of-Inspection and Automation
  • CAD-aware Dimensioning, PMI Support and Comprehensive GD&T Callouts
  • Multiple Results Analysis Drives Knowledge
  • Custom Reporting Delivers Flexibility
  • Repeatable Probing Processes with LiveInspect™


Workflow Control X

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