Geomagic® Design X™ Standard (Add-On)

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Geomagic® Design X™ Standard


Design X is an industry-leading reverse engineering software that empowers engineers and designers to effortlessly convert 3D scan data into fully editable CAD models. With its comprehensive suite of advanced tools, Design X offers unparalleled capabilities for creating accurate and feature-rich models from physical objects.

Whether you're working with complex organic shapes, intricate geometries, or legacy parts, Design X provides a powerful solution to reverse engineer and recreate digital representations of physical objects. The software enables you to capture the design intent behind the scanned object by extracting key features, such as sketches, curves, surfaces, and solids.

Design X excels in handling large and detailed scan data, effortlessly processing high-resolution point clouds and meshes. Its sophisticated algorithms and intelligent mesh processing tools allow you to clean up and optimize the scan data, ensuring smooth and precise models. You can easily repair mesh imperfections, fill holes, align multiple scans, and refine the geometry to create watertight and production-ready models.

With Design X, you have the flexibility to work with a wide range of scan data sources, including 3D scanners, CT scanners, and photogrammetry systems. The software seamlessly integrates with popular CAD platforms, enabling you to transfer your reverse-engineered models directly into your preferred CAD environment for further design, analysis, and manufacturing processes.

Design X is the go-to solution for industries such as automotive, aerospace, consumer products, and healthcare, where reverse engineering plays a vital role in product development and innovation. It empowers engineers to accelerate design cycles, enhance product quality, and achieve significant time and cost savings.

Unlock the full potential of your scan data with Design X and experience a streamlined and efficient reverse engineering workflow that opens up endless possibilities for design, prototyping, customization, and beyond.



-Broaden Your Design Capabilities
-Accelerate Time to Market
-Enhance Your CAD Environment

-Leverage Existing Assets
-Do the Impossible
-Reduce Costs


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