Modix BIG-120X Filter Spares Set

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Modix BIG-120X Filter Spares Set


Keep your Modix BIG-120X air purifier running like new with this Modix BIG-120X Filter Spares Set. It includes everything you need to refresh your unit for peak performance: five pre-filters that remove large particles like dust and dander, plus a HEPA/carbon filter that captures dust, sub-micron particles, and fumes. Replace the pre-filters every few months and the HEPA/carbon filter once a year to ensure your Modix continues cleaning. Because while the BIG-120X's sleek silhouette and whisper-quiet operation make it a stylish addition to any space, what really matters is how thoroughly it rids and captures dust, sub-micron particles, and fumes.

With this set of replacement filters on hand, you can work easy knowing your Modix is always operating at its best. These essential Modix BIG-120X Filter Spares Set help keep your system cleaner running at optimal performance. Included are 5 pre-filters to trap large particles before they make it to the HEPA filter, along with a replacement HEPA/carbon combo to capture tiny particles and neutralize odors. Extend the life of your air purifier with these basic but important filter spares. With these replacement parts, you can ensure that your Modix BIG-120X Filter is always running at its best

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