Modix BIG-120X Z Axis Hiwin Rails

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Modix BIG-120X Z Axis Hiwin Rails


Upgrade your Modix BIG-120X printer Z axis with Modix BIG-120X Z Axis Hiwin Rails for an even smoother surface finish. These are perfect for tall models and provide a much more precise movement than the default smooth rods, resulting in improved print quality and accuracy. The HIWIN rail can support extraordinary loads due to its solid steel construction which ensures stability during operation. With this upgrade you'll also enjoy faster printing speeds.

The HIWIN linear rails offer superior precision for a smoother, more accurate result every time. Don’t worry about any installation hassles - these pre-configured components are designed for easy integration into existing builds. Ensure consistent performance over demanding periods of use with Modix BIG-120X Z Axis Hiwin Rails! Make the leap and get ready to take your 3D print quality to new levels thanks to this top of the line upgrades! Enjoy smoother printed parts at an astounding resolution.

These  Modix BIG-120X Z Axis Hiwin Rails replace the smooth standard rods on the BIG-60 and 120X with high-precision HIWIN linear rails. These rails firmly attach the print bed platform to the printer chassis, resulting in greater dimensional accuracy and a smoother surface.

Only Compatible with these printers:

  • BIG-60
  • BIG-120X


  • Original Modix accessories
  • Generates higher dimensional accuracy
  • Creates smoother surfaces

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