Modix BIG-120Z Griffin High Resolution Hotend

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Modix BIG-120Z Griffin High Resolution Hotend


Get ready to experience precision 3D printing with the Modix BIG-120Z Spare Griffin Hotend! This set includes a Slice eng. bi-metal heatbreak, Modix Griffin Heat Block, 0.4 mm Nozzle, 50W Heater and PT–1000 Thermistor as well as a silicon sock for keeping your printer clean and running smoother than ever before. Upgrade your existing setup or get yourself into high precision 3d printing by grabbing this amazing spare griffin hotend today! With it's top of the line components you'll have nothing but unmatched quality at every layer of texture.

The Modix BIG-120Z Spare Griffin hotend is designed so you can slide in and out the entire filament melting subsystem with ease. This allows you to quickly change between materials and even have hotends fir specific materials. With Modix BIG-120Z Spare Griffin hotend, you can have an easy access to all of your spares and replace parts without disrupting the whole machine setup! Easy to install so upgrade now for better quality prints every time!

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