Modix BIG-120Z IDEX Dual Print-head​

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Modix BIG-120Z IDEX Dual Print-head​


Take your 3D printing to the next level with Modix BIG-120Z IDEX Dual Print-head​. Reach high resolution and print quality that people have come to expect from professional grade printers such as this one, all while taking advantage of dual extruders for greater versatility. Support materials can be used to better print models with complex or internal geometries, but don't let the printer sit idle when you run out - use Modix BIG-120Z IDEX Dual Print-head​ as an automatic filament changer so you're never caught short!

With every purchase of a Modix BIG-120Z IDEX Dual Print Head you get superior performance and premium features. Perfect for printing models with complex or internal geometries. By supporting two types of materials simultaneously, you can avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to finishing a model and print faster than ever before. Plus, don't let your printer sit idle: use this automated filament changer in case of a run out mid-print! Get super smooth prints every time by leveraging this dual print head technology from Modix today!

The Modix BIG-120Z IDEX Dual Print-head​ is sold as an optional add-on for all generation 4 printers. includes:

  • Secondary printing subsystem: Griffin print head, clog detector, PTFE, spool mount.
  • Motion system: secondary Y axis motor with the required components (belts, pulleys etc.).
  • Metal brackets for both Y axis and print heads
  • Wires, drag chains and optical end-stops.

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