Modix BIG-120Z Power Distribution

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Modix BIG-120Z Power Distribution


When your 3D printer is a powerhouse, it needs an equally powerful heart to keep all systems running at peak performance. The Modix BIG-120Z Power Distribution Unit is the answer. This integrated PDU corrals all the AC cables from your printer’s bed heater, control box, and noise-reducing fans into one convenient unit that delivers a steady stream of electricity to each component. No more dealing with a tangle of cables and multiple power strips. The Modix BIG-120Z Power Distribusion brings order to the chaos so you can focus on getting maximum results from your printer. With a 60-amp capacity, overcurrent protection, and rugged all-metal housing, this PDU is built to withstand the demands of the busiest print farms and makerspaces.

When you need to power an army of 3D printers with military precision, the Modix BIG-120Z Power Distribusion is the only logical choice. March your 3D printing to a whole new level of productivity with this powerhouse PDU. Modix BIG-120Z helps organize multiple AC cables powering your bed heater, electronics and noise reduction machine into one integrated high-power distribution unit. Finally, an end to the messy tangle of cables, as this 60 amp PDU neatly arranges and distributes power to all your devices - just what you need for a clutter-free and optimized sleep environment.

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