Modix BIG-60 Casters

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Modix Casters


Tired of your 3D printer being stuck in one place? Set your masterpiece in motion with the Modix Casters. These heavy-duty casters make it a breeze to roll your printer station around, whether rearranging your workspace or transporting to another location. With adjustable leveling feet, you can ensure your printer is balanced and stable no matter where the job takes you. No more struggling to move your printer or worrying about vibrations affecting your print quality.

Wherever creativity calls, the Modix Casters will get you there. Freedom to roam—it’s what every 3D printer dreams of, and now yours can have it too with these must-have mobility maestros. Adventure awaits! Modix Casters make mobility a breeze for your 3D printer. The set of four swivel casters with locking brake levers let you easily maneuver the heavyweight printer to wherever you need it, while the leveling feet adjust to balance and stabilize your prints in transit. Perfect for the maker always on the move. With these casters, you'll never worry about moving or adjusting your printer again!

Get ready to move your printer with ease! Introducing the Modix Casters add-on. This set of casters will allow you to easily move your 3D printer around, so you can take it wherever you need it. The adjustable leveling feet make sure that the balance is always perfect and reduce vibrations for a smoother printing experience. With these casters, moving your 3D printer has never been easier.


For Modix BIG-60, BIG-120X, and BIG-120Z 3D Printer Models.

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