Modix BIG-Meter Extra PEI Sheet 1075x355mm

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Modix BIG-Meter Extra PEI sheet


When your 3D printer's bed has seen better days, the Modix BIG-Meter PEI Sheet is here to save the day. At a spacious 1075x355 covering a THIRD  of the BIG-Meter bed plate.
Not needed when purchasing the magnetic bed. This massive Modix BIG-Meter Extra PEI Sheet provides coverage for even the biggest of build plates. PEI's durable yet flexible surface helps prints stick when the nozzle is hot, then releases them effortlessly once cooled. No glue, tape or hairspray required. Simply wipe clean with isopropyl alcohol between prints for a fresh start. Your 3D printer has met its match with this extra-large, expertly engineered PEI powerhouse.

The only thing bigger than this sheet’s size is the smile on your face after the first smooth, successful print. Modix BIG-Meter Extra PEI sheet Keep your 3D prints sticking to the platform with this spare PEI sheet for the Modix BIG-Meter. It covers the print bed and is a great option if you don't have or want the magnetic bed. An extra sheet means less downtime waiting for your current sheet to cool or removing prints - just swap it out and get printing again. The high quality material ensures that it will last long and keep your prints sticking perfectly on the build plate. Don't miss out - get yours today!

Not needed when purchasing the magnetic bed.

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