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Monocure3D FEP 200m (5 pack)


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This genuine Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) film is designed as the release layer for UV 3D printer resin vats. 5 superior quality replacement 100-micron FEP sheets for 5.5″ LCD compatible printers.

L195mm x W135mm x D0.1mm 


1. Prepare a non-scratch surface, such as a lint-free cloth to prevent the film from being damaged. 
2. Remove a single FEP Sheet from the pack. 
3. Carefully peel away protective layers from both sides of the film. 
4. Install the FEP film into printer VAT as per the manufactures instructions. 
5. Make sure the film is tight when finished (light tapping with a finger should make a drum-like sound).
6. FEP film can be wiped clean to remove any fingerprints using a lint-free cloth & Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).
+ Superior anti-stick/low friction properties
+ Excellent optical characteristics
+ Free of plasticizers or additives
+ Puncture resistant technology
+ Individually protected


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