Phrozen Pump & Fill

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Product Summary
  • Automated resin replenishment: A self-operating system designed to pump and refill resin.
  • Resin level sensing: Ensures an adequate resin supply for uninterrupted printing.
  • Resin recovery mechanism: After printing, it effectively pumps back excess resin, improving cleaning efficiency.
  • User-friendly and simple installation.
  • Important: The Phrozen Pump and Fill system is exclusively compatible with the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S 3D Printer.
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Phrozen Pump & Fill

Introducing the Phrozen Pump & Fill - the automated resin feeder that will keep your machine printing even when you rest! Specifically designed for our Sonic Mega series customers, the Phrozen Pump & Fill is perfect for those who need to constantly refill their resin vat. With its easy-to-use design, it ensures that you won't end up with a full mega vat of resin that would be difficult to clean.

This Phrozen Pump & Fill is an easy-to-install system that can be effortlessly added to your 3D printer, enabling it to autonomously detect and replenish resin as it nears the minimum level. After printing is complete, the pump efficiently retrieves any residual resin from inside of your tank, streamlining the cleaning procedure for maximum efficiency.


How To Install the Phrozen Pump & Fill

  1. Remove the side baffle of the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K S 3D printer and use an Allen wrench to loosen the screws on the machine’s surface panel.
  2. Thread the inlet hose through the hole positioned on the side of the printer. This hole can be accessed by detaching the previously mentioned baffle.
  3. Secure the inlet pump onto the surface panel of the printer using the screws initially removed. Then, insert both the servo cable and sensor cable into the printer through the surface panel hole. Use the Allen wrench to take off the printer’s side cover.
  4. Attach the servo cable and sensor cable to the printer’s mainboard. Ensure proper connection to the respective colour-coded slots, then reattach the removed side cover.
  5. Insert the pump lid into the resin bottle and position the bottle in the designated slot on the pump case. Once the bottle is secure, insert the bottle cap infusion tube into the peristaltic tube located on the pump case’s left side.
  6. Connect the two ends of the lid data cable. Fasten one end to the pump lid and the other to the pump case. Then, insert the inlet hose into the peristaltic tube located on the pump case’s right side.
  7. To complete the installation, connect the pump data cable to the hole on the left rear side of the printer and the slot on the rear side of the pump case.


  • Pump Case X1
  • Pump Lid X1
  • Empty Resin Bottle X1
  • Inlet Component X1 (Including Inlet Hose, Servo Cable, and Sensor Cable)
  • Pump Data Cable X1
  • Lid Data Cable X1
  • Peristaltic Tube X1


  • Compatible bottle height: ≤ 210 mm
  • Compatible bottle diameter: ≤ 90 mm
  • The peristaltic tube is consumable. Please replace it every 6 months.


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