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Phrozen Shuffle 4K: LCD 3D Printer

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Phrozen Shuffle 4K

LCD 3D Printer (31µm)

Phrozen Shuffle 4K is the next step in high resolution & high quality 3D Printing. Phrozen improved on the already great performance of the Phrozen Shuffle and takes it to new levels.
The increased XY resolution from 47 to 31 micron makes this the highest resolution 3D Printer in its class. By upgrading the ParaLED unit increases the uniformity and performance further yet. Add the new operating system and user interface and you have the best 3D Printer in its class.
The all New Phrozen Shuffle HD will change the way we think about affordable desktop SLA.
The Shuffle 4K is a market leader and was specifically designed for those who require highly detailed results. Perfect for those in the Jewellery or Dental industry. 
Features include:
– 4K Resolution HD 3840×2160 5.5 Inch LCD
– 31 um XY resolution
– 10 um Z resolution
– Open Resin 405 nm UV Compatible
– ParaLED 2.0 Matrix Optical Engine
– Twin Linear Rail, and Ball Screw offering Ultra high stability in Z-Axis
– Print Volume 120mm x 68mm x 200mm (4.72″ X 2.67″ X 7.87″)
– up to 300-400 layers p/h
– 1 Year Warranty


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