Polymaker PolyLite PLA 1.75mm 1kg

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PolyLite™ PLA

PolyLite™ is a family of 3D printing filaments made with the best raw materials to deliver exceptional quality and reliability. PolyLite™ covers the most popular 3D printing materials to meet your everyday needs in design and prototyping. PolyLite™ PLA is a high-quality PLA designed for reliability and ease of printing.

Strength and Rigidity - PolyLite PLA features good tensile strength and stiffness, ideal for product design and prototyping applications that require a rigid material that is easy to print.
Compatibility In Mind - High Quality PLA filament compatible with a wide range of 3D printers including models from Ultimaker, Makerbot, FlashForge, Creality, Prusa Research, Raise3D, Tiertime, Monoprice, Lulzbot and other popular extrusion based 3D printers (Heated bed may be required in some cases).
Jam-Free™ technology - Polymaker have implemented their Jam-Free™ technology into PolyLite PLA to improve the heat stability of the filament with
softening temperatures over 140 °C. As a result, PolyLite PLA shows minimal softening in the “cold end” and can melt rapidly once entering the heating zone, leading to excellent printing quality with zero risk of nozzle jams caused by heat creep.
Easy to Print - Works well with common printing surfaces such as the blue tape, Kapton tape, glass, BuildTak, etc. No heated bed required but can be used for better results (up to 60°C).
Uncompromised Quality - PolyLite PLA filament is made with the highest quality ingredients including Ingeo® from Natureworks. Natureworks is a world-leading biopolymers supplier based in the USA with a portfolio of high quality raw PLA materials produced from rapidly renewable plant resources. Combining Polymakers innovative R&D technologies, compounding and extrusion systems with Natureworks Ingeo® resins produces a reliable 3D printing filament to print beautiful and accurate models.
Print Settings

Nozzle Temperature: 190°C – 230°C
Printing Speed: 40mm/s – 60mm/s
Bed Temperature: 25°C – 60°C
Bed Surface: Glass with glue, Blue Tape, BuildTak®
Cooling Fan: ON
Note: Printing conditions may vary with different printers and nozzle diameters.

Mechanical Properties (X-Y)

Young’s Modulus: 2636 ± 330 Mpa
Tensile Strength: 46.6 ± 0.9 Mpa
Bending Strength: 85.1 ± 2.9 Mpa
Impact Strength: 2.68 ± 0.16 kJ/m2

Thermal Properties

Glass Transition Temperature: 61°C
Heat Deflection Temperature (0.45 MPa): 59.8°C
Heat Deflection Temperature (1.8 MPa): 58.1°C
Vicat Softening Temperature: 62.9°C


Density: 1.17 g/cm3
Recommended Support Materials: PolyDissolve™ S1, PolySupport™

Disclaimer: The typical values presented in Polymakers data sheet are intended for reference and comparison purposes only. Due to the nature of 3D printing they should not be used for design specifications or quality control purposes.

Storage: It is recommended to store PolyLite™ PLA in the PolyBox™ to prevent moisture absorption which will lower the quality and the mechanical properties of the print. If the filament has absorbed moisture it can be dried at 55°C for 6 hours in a convection oven.

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