Shining 3D EinScan Pro 2X 2020 Scanner

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Shining3D Einscan Pro 2X 2020 Scanner

Introducing the Shining3D Einscan Pro 2X 2020 Scanner - your first step into a world of outstanding scan performance. This powerful scanner uses advanced scanning technology to deliver accuracy every time, with versatile scan modes and align modes that will ensure high-quality results.

Suited for small or large scale projects, this powerful tool is easy to use and can be used in areas such as 3D printing, reverse engineering and many more applications! Get yours today and experience the power of this amazing scanner for yourself! The Shining3D Einscan Pro 2X 2020 Scanner is highly reliable with true-to-life color reproduction, real time error checking algorithms, advanced external light control technology and temperature compensation feature. Get yours today to experience exceptional 3D modeling!


Main Features:

  • Handheld LED Light Source 3D Scanner
  • Designed for Reflective and Black objects
  • Easy to Scan Large Objects
  • Full color texture capturing included
  • 0.16mm Maximum Resolution (point distance)

What’s in the box?

Everything you need is in the box, ready for you to start capturing your objects into 3D print ready files.

EinScan Pro 2X 

1 x EinScan Pro 2X handheld 3D Scanner
1 x USB 3.0 cable
1 x Power cable and adapter
1 x Calibration board
1 x pack Adessive reflective marker dots


Windows 7 (64 bit) or Windows 8 (64bit) or Windows 10
Use chalk spray of glass, black or highly reflective surfaces.
Minimum Intel i5 – Recommended i7 quad core
Minimum Nvidia GTX 750M with 4GB
2 x free USB 3.0 ports or higher (1 x for handheld scanner, 1 x Industrial Pack)

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