Spare Sheet for Bambu Lab Cool Plate

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Spare Sheet for Bambu Lab Cool Plate

No more sweating the small stuff—like replacing the sheet on your Bambu Lab Cool Plate. This Spare Sheet for Bambu Lab Cool Plate makes it a breeze, with an adhesive backing that sticks right onto your plate. Whether you have an X1 Series or P1P plate, this sheet has you covered. Simply peel off your old sheet, stick this one on, and you’re back to enjoying cool comfort.

The days of fussing with tiny screws or clips are over. Bambu Lab designed this sheet for easy application and peace of mind. Now the only thing you’ll be sweating is your workout—not basic maintenance. Stay cool and collected with this simple solution for your high-tech plate. The spare sheet: it’s the little details that make the difference.

The Spare Sheet for Bambu Lab Cool Plate is a sheet with an adhesive side for replacing the sheet on your Cool Plate.


X1 Series, P1P


The Spare Sheet for Bambu Lab Cool Plate is easy to replace and install.

  • After tearing off the original sheet, please use alcohol to wipe the surface clean. Make sure the surface stays dry while applying a new sheet.
  • You can use an anhydrous ethanol solution or isopropanol solution with a concentration of over 90% to wipe the plate.
  • You can also use detergent and water to clean the surface.

It is also best to use special solid glue (Glue Stick for Build Plate) before printing to avoid damage during model removal.

HINTS: The STL file of the "Fixture" shown in the video can be found in the printer internal memory.

How to print your Film Sticking Fixture?

Bambu Lab 3D printer with two film sticking fixture models to help you change spare sheets. Print 'Film Sticking Fixture' from the built-in files!

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