TwoTrees TTC450 CNC Router Machine

SKU: TTC450 Laser engraving Machine
Product Summary
  • Two Trees TTC450 Laser engraving Machine has a larger engraving area of 460 x 460 x 80 mm
  • The Two Trees TTC450 Laser engraving Machine is compatible with CAM software such as Candle, Carveco, Artcam and Easel
  • This machine also uses an ER11 system compatible with a variety of clamping kits
  • Comes 70% pre-assembled, which greatly reduces assembly difficulties
  • Homing Switch: X, Y, Z Dual Limiter + Emergency Stop Switch
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ETA: 29 February 2024
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Two Trees TTC450 CNC Router Machine

Introducing the Two Trees TTC450 CNC Router Machine - perfect for any project! This machine is equipped with an 80W spindle which has a spindle speed range of 0-12000 RPM, allowing you to cut through a variety of materials such as plastic, soft aluminum, wood, acrylic, PVC and PCB. With this powerful CNC Router Machine at your disposal you can create intricate designs in no time.

This smart device has an integrated ESP32 32-bit chip, built-in WiFi module for direct control via computer, app or screen, as well as an add-on laser head and rotation axis. With its advanced technologies, this machine is perfect for engraving intricate designs on wood with precision accuracy. Whether you're looking to create custom furniture pieces or unique artwork, the Two Trees TTC450 CNC Router Machine will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently!

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