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Wanhao D7 Motherboard (V1.2)

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Whether you are looking to replace a faulty mother board or are eager to upgrade your system to a newer model, the Wanhao D7 Mother Board V1.2 is a solid investment towards your 3D Printing adventures. Compatible with all of the standard parts like the Wanhao D7 LCD Driver Board, this part simply needs to be installed with the right connectors in the right place.
The Wanhao D7 Mother Board V1.2 that we stock is an original part and is responsible for controlling the mechanical parts within the machine, while sending instructions to the LCD Driver via the D7 LCD Interface Connector Board.
This mainboard is designed as both a replacement part for faulty or broken mainboards, but also as an upgrade for older models. In the 1.2 version, many of the small errors from the original version have been remedied, and extra cooling capabilities have been added to help reduce rare occasions of overheating. These features translate to a mainboard that not only works better than previous iterations, but is also capable of lasting far longer, with a substantially longer lifespan thanks to the multitude of minor problems that have fixed.


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