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Setting Up Your New Stainless
Steel Magnetic Build Plate

A step by step guide

We have a range of build plates that you can now use on your resin printer. Here is a quick guide to installing the plate and getting the best out of this great surface, making it much easier to remove your prints.

In this guide, I am using a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K

3DPO Stainless Steel Magnetic Build Plate – 135 X 75mm

ESun Bio PLA Grey

1. Sand the Plate

Let’s start with the Stainless Steel Magnetic Build Plate. Remove the plate from the 3M magnet surface and then sand the plate. I use 120 grit paper on a flat surface. I do this is on a glass bed to ensure it is dead flat. Make sure you clean it well of any dust after the sanding. With that done, we have to tackle the magnet to the build plate.
It’s not as hard as you think, easier than attaching a screen protector to your mobile phone. Make sure the surface of your build plate is clean from all dirt, dust, and resin!

2. Peel back the tape

Next, we’ll partly peel the tape back on the sticky side of the magnet. I fold this over so it can be pulled away later on. This will stop the whole magnet from sticking at once to the build plate. Now line the magnet up with the build plate, make sure it is square. Then slowly start to push down the part of the magnet that has the tape removed.

Once you are happy with how the magnet is sitting on the build plate, start to slowly remove the tape down towards the end of the magnet.
Only do a little at a time, then use a credit card or similar to “squeeze” the magnet down. This will make sure you are not getting any air bubbles under the plate. Once the tape is off, you should let this sit for at least 24 hours to let the glue on the 3M magnetic sheet settle to the old build surface.

3. Recalibrate the printer

And now with the magnet stuck to the original bed, time to head to the printer and re-calibrate the printer for the new height from this Stainless Steel Magnetic Build Plate.
A few things to keep in mind with this next step. When calibrating the build plate, make sure the vat is removed. Loosen the screws on the build plate and make sure it is set as high as it can go.

4. Do a test print

Don’t forget to make sure the new Stainless Steel Magnetic Build Plate is placed on the magnet and there is paper over the LCD. Calibrate the Z height using the printer’s interface. Move the build plate down, and start to nip the screws till they start to become tight, but not to tight.
Make sure the build plate is even on the LCD screen, and with even pressure, tighten the screws the rest of the way. Replace the vat, fill it with your favourite resin, and do a test print you know well.

5. Remove the build plate

I am using the ESun Bio PLA in Grey and the model is the test ring from Phrozen that was supplied with the Sonic Mini 4k that is the guinea pig for this new Stainless Steel Magnetic Build Plate. Once the print is completed, you can now remove your new Stainless Steel Magnetic Build Plate with the print attached.

6. Clean plate and remove the print

Clean the plate with your favourite cleaner. Then slightly bend the Stainless Steel Magnetic Build Plate to take of your print and start your post-processing ritual.

Any questions, comments, or need more help? Please ask in the comments or email us,

Happy printing!