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The Effect of 3D Printing In The Gaming Industry

3D Printers have become low-cost enough to be used by the majority of traditional industries, including gaming. But how are people using it and what sort of impact will it have on the market in general? Keep reading to find out.
3D printers are not bright and vibrant with blinking lights like something from science fiction movie, nor are they small and grey like your family printer. No, instead they are practical, budget-friendly and potentially revolutionary.
Additive manufacturing, as it was first understood, was originated by Hideo Kodama of the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute in 1981. Kodama’s first 3D prints were innovative at the time but almost 40 years on they have been overshadowed by the remarkable rate of development and advancement in the market.
Building materials, vehicle parts and even replacement human organs can now be made efficiently and cheaply to a high standard by 3D printers.
In the recent years, 3D printing has begun to spread its impact even further into the world of gaming, and radically change the way we enjoy and consume our favourite video games. Let’s take a look at the effect that it might have, and already is having, on gaming.

The Comeback Of Board Games

Research has found that peoples interest in board games is on the increase again after a lull in sales for quite a few years. The return of interest in board games is being attributed to the increasing variety of independent makers providing customers with an ocean of brand-new and exciting games.
The biggest issue for the boardgame industry; however, is motivating players to consistently part with their cash to purchase the newest games. High game costs show the high cost of production that goes into boardgames, and consumers are ending up being progressively hesitant to part with $50 on a new board game that they may not even like.
A lot of the biggest manufacturers in the industry are for that reason looking at 3D printing as a way to decrease their expenses and bring in brand-new clients to their games. However, the cost of 3d printers has dropped in recent years by as much as 75%. Therefore, board game lovers can purchase plans of their preferred board game and merely print them in your own home. This has increased playing numbers dramatically, which allows games manufacturers to create increasingly more exciting and new games for their customers.

Reviving Old Classics

Every generation of gamer has that one,era-defining game or console. Whether it was Goldeneye on the Nintendo or Pokemon on the Gameboy, 3D printing can be found in this specific area of nostalgia fuelled fun.
Devoted game fanatics like Christopher Tan have actually developed a range of desktop game device alternatives that give you the feel and appearance of a timeless video gaming experience. Thanks to 3D printers, these designs can be made in your home and can be sized down to fit your video gaming area. If playing Mortal Kombat on a modern controller just doesn’t feel right for you, then take a look at some of Tan’s designs to get that genuine nostalgic feel.

Gaming Additives

If you watch any gaming streamer who isn’t playing on a PC, chances are they’ve got a custom-built controller to give them the edge over other gamers. You can, of course, purchase one of your own, but they can set you back quite a few hundred dollars. If you have a 3D printer though there’s really no need to spend that much money on a controller. Instead, you might look for some ergonomically designed controller components to enhance your video gaming experience.
Consider for example the R2 button on a PS controller that’s used to shoot your gun in Call of Duty. If you’re operating a semi-automatic weapon, you have little to no chance of matching the rate fire of a PC player, unless you personalise your controller.
Printing an R2 button at home that operates like a keycap on your PC could level the field and give you an edge over other controller gamers.
Additions do not have to be confined to first-person shooters though. Some gamers have actually gone to great lengths to design Wii guiding wheels to more closely mimic the real-life experience of driving in car racing games.
3D Printing board games

The Future of Gaming

3D printing can and already is, having a significant influence on the gaming industry because the cost of 3D printers has recently dropped to a more budget-friendly rate for the average person. In the meantime, several video gaming companies are availing of the technology to lower their production expenses which ought to be passed on to the customer.
If you currently have a 3D printer and haven’t yet used it to improve your gaming experience, then get on the internet and search for some terrific controller plans to boost your gaming experience.
3D Printers Online can help to advise you which printer would suit your needs the best. Give us a call or get in touch via our contact form. Browse our extensive range of printers and consumables. We have everything you need to up your game!