Wanhao D6 Motherboard


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The Wanhao D6 Motherboard is a complicated main board and is a vital part that supervises all of the other components and ensures that they work effectively with each other. It ensures that all of the stepper motors, the extruder body, the hotend assembly and even the control interface all function together, which ultimately produces great quality prints in PLA, ABS or Exotic Filaments.
Because we understand how complex 3D Printing is, with a variety of different components operating to precision distances, rotations and temperatures, we always make sure that we stock Wanhao Original Parts like this Wanhao D6 Main Board. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the parts, as they are all designed by the professionals that designed and manufactured the printers. It is also equipped with all of the stepper motor drivers, with all of the specialty inputs for the Stepper Motors and D6 Control Board.
The board includes all female connectors, but does not include any replacement cables or screws, so be sure to keep these aside from your old parts so that you don’t run into any unnecessary snags when replacing your broken or faulty parts. The board also operates at the standard 24V, ensuring that you don’t have to make any alterations to your machine, and can simply replace the board without any extra hassle.


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