Wanhao D7 UV LED COB (Incl Heatsink and Pre-Soldered Wires)


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This UV LED unit is placed underneath the resin-box and shines UV light directly up through the LCD display and the D7 FEP Film, which solidifies the resin on top of the film. It sits directly atop a cooling fan and heat sink, and then plugs into the main Wanhao D7 LCD Controller Board. Fortunately, this part is relatively easy to install or replace with the help of online videos and requires very little electronics knowledge as well.
When replacing the Wanhao D7 UV LED COB in your printer, it’s important to remember to unplug the Wanhao D7 LCD Display ribbon cable before removing the case. This frees the cable from the case and helps to protect the cable from any potential damage. Once this is done and the cover is off, trace the power cables from the old LED COB to the power pins on the main controller board and then remove the corresponding connections – these should be the leftmost two points and should include one red and one black wire.
Once the wiring is disconnected, simply unscrew the old LED unit and carefully install the new LED unit in the same place – ensuring that the heat sink on the back of the LED unit is sitting atop the cooling fan. After fixing the unit in place, connect the new wires to the main controller board in the same orientation as the previous unit. Finally, put the cover back onto the machine and tighten all the screws so there is very little wobble, and remember to plug the LCD display ribbon cable back in.


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