Wanhao i3 PLUS Motherboard V5.1 (Compatible with Cocoon Create Touch)


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The Wanhao i3 PLUS Motherboard is a replacement part for the Wanhao i3 PLUS, and is essentially the brain of the machine that controls the Stepper Motors, extruder and hotend assemblies, and all other components within the 3D Printer. It is a Wanhao Original Part sourced directly from Wanhao, which means it not only offers guaranteed quality, but is also natively compatible with all of the other Wanhao Original Components.
This part is stocked as a replacement part but is also an optional upgrade for 3D Makers who own the previous models of the board. And because we understand how frustrating it can be to have a non-working 3D printer, we always ensure that we have at least a few stocked. This way, we can help you get back to 3D Printing with little to no downtime, with a relatively simple installation process requiring you to simply mount the board and plug all of the cables into the right sockets.


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