3D Printing for the Dental Industry

Just when you thought 3D printing couldn’t get any more awesome, a team of researchers in Spain revealed that they had 3D printed a full set of teeth , complete with gum tissue. Though this bionic mouth looks like something out of a dystopian sci-fi movie, the implications of this could potentially be huge, since it could one day eliminate the need for people to wear dentures, which aren’t always the most attractive solution. By 2027 the 3D printing market for the dental industry is estimated to reach $9.5 billion.

These innovative machines have breathed new life into the dental industry. Dentists are using 3D printers to design and craft a number of prosthetic, dental, and surgical products, and one dentist recently designed a 3D printable model of teeth that can be used to easily explain certain dental procedures to patients.

Next time you go to the dentist, you might be surprised to find that the models of your teeth are not made out of that thick, icky plastic. Instead, they might be 3D printed! Recently, a company called Dentsply Sirona has unveiled a 3D printer designed specifically for printing replicas of teeth, which are surprisingly accurate and feel like normal teeth when you bite down on them. The printer comes with a mouth guard lined with sensors, which can scan the teeth in your mouth and print out a 3D replica of what your teeth look like, down to the tiniest details.

3D Printing for the Dental Industry 1

With the use of 3D printers, you can produce models of your teeth (Dentures) or even your entire mouth. The dentist will have 5D view of your teeth or mouth and will be able to make appropriate adjustments. The best part is that the dental models can be made and printed in a very short time, which means you do not have to wait for weeks for the dental models to be made. Dental models are made on the basis of the impression taken of the teeth. This serves as a template for the dental models to be made. The impression will be taken by the dentist and then scanned into the computer.

Dental implants have become the standard for replacing missing teeth, and for good reason. They are the most natural-looking, convenient, and comfortable way to replace one or multiple missing teeth. (They are also very popular with celebrities.)

3D printing in dentistry has been used to print models of teeth and jaws and by dentists for years. Dentists use these models to help them with diagnostics, but also for designing a dental bridge treatment or an implant. A bridge is a replacement for a single missing tooth. The lost tooth is replaced with a dental bridge, which consists of a false tooth, or false teeth, and a dental crown that is placed on the abutment teeth on either side of the gap.

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